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Apple’s app review guidelines have become a comic book | Robot Eats Popcorn
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  • Apple’s app review guidelines have become a comic book

    Why waste your time with the X-men comic books when you could instead read the…. Apple app review guidelines?

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    Apple have recently redesigned their app review guidelines into a comic strip in hope that a more digestable format to help people understand and refine the app submission process.

    I would also argue that this provides more evidence of why the youthification of the world is gaining more traction.

    Older generations who had criticized the youth over the last 10 years for taking selfies and using emojis in favour of traditional communication are now religiously sharing intimate details of their lives on social media via… you guessed it…. selfies and emojis.

    Change is in the air

    This is just another example where youth culture is driving innovation (nothing unusual) but now it is encroaching professional areas that in the past were perhaps more sacred and conservative.

    It’s hard to imagine any major brand 20 years ago presenting their technical documentation in such a manner but this fresh approach is bold and engaging, squarely aiming at younger generations who will undoubtedly drive app culture and development in the future.

    Now to wait for the film adaptation…

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