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  • Facebook undergoes a digital facelift

    Why has Facebook has undergone a subtle facelift after a decade?

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    Facebook (or The Facebook) has changed a lot in the decade they’ve been giving us a social platform to connect with the rest of the world. However, their logo is not one of the elements that has taken on much transformation. Besides the original name change, it’s basically remained the same throughout it’s existence.

    Well that all changed when Facebook subtly changed their logo, opting for a less compressed wordmark with more rounded letterforms that allow for more breathing room. This creates a more minimal, less cluttered feeling when compared with the 2005 version.


    A new chapter for Facebook

    At a guess, a less cluttered logo may lead to a less cluttered, minimal interface (much like the web Instagram interface which subsequently is owned by Facebook) as web traffic continues to grow on mobile devices.

    Using Facebook as an example, it shows that brands should not be stagnant, even when they’re successful. As the world becomes increasingly more digital, we need to be quick to adapt to new devices, formats and processes. We need to think ahead and be proactive rather than reactive.

    If you think about it in terms of running shoes, you’re always better off buying new ones in advance before your current shoes become run down and hinder your progress. You also have to consider the terrain you’re running on and need to invest in shoes that are appropriate.

    It’s important to be developing a strategy for the future so that you can continue to be effective, even when there are major changes to your environment.

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